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Soren Lynge is a one of Denmark’s most popular lecturers. Soren works daily with some of the best developed techniques on the planet that can set you free, increase your level of productivity and optimize your inner happiness and quality of life.

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Every person who learn these basic skills and implements them through habits of his own life, will inevitably slide easier and happier through life with more success to follow.

Wouldn’t it be nice to make more money? Or reduce your problems or experience more joy and success in your life?

The course aims to optimize every person’s quality of life. The course gives YOU specific tools to take control of their own lives and their own choices.

Teaching is fun and indulgent. You will receive wisdom and practical tools to lift you to a higher level, as well as solutions to:

– Solve your problems even before they come.
– Take control of your frustrations and anger.
– Do away with your self-destructive choices and habits.
– Take control over their own lives and their own choices.
– Reduce your problems rather than increasing them.
– Thinking more positively than negatively.
– To become more cheerful and happy.

An Article  ABOUT Soren Lynge

Lecture in mental health and life principles

Søren Lynge is an expert in mental health. His new lecture, “Mental Engagement”, is based on the latest new cognitive research, that can support enterprises to receive more positive and harmonious working environment to reduce stress and unwanted, self-destructive  negative thoughts. The lecture is intended to optimize good and effective problem solving, reducing the costs and increase productivity.

Press release:
It’s a Thursday night in February. Behind the scenes at the Williamstown Theatre is Søren Lynge along with his assistant Mikkel. The computer is ready and the picture is right on the big screen. At the same time Søren is tucking his white shirt in place of the black pants and test the boots that fit. Small sips of Red Bull helps to put him up to give even an expectant audience about two hours of entertainment, provocative truths and positive life tools.
All 445 seats in Svendborg Theatre are booked by Svendborg Kommune, they are filled with employees from all departments. As clock passes seven, Søren Lynge takes the center stage. The music dies away, and he encourages all smily people to turn to one sitting next to them, to look each other deep their your eyes and say “I love you”. Breaking the Ice quickly, and the laughter spreads, while Søren at best stand-up style caricature everyday problems.

Good and bad habits
” All for you know someone who always do the wrong thing, or are always sick and another that has always luck and never short of money. It is no coincidence. The difference is bad and good habits, rooted in our way of thinking, so fortunately all can choose to learn the good habits, ” Søren Lynge says.

” Everyone is doing the best as they can but if you haven’t learned how to manage your thoughts and feelings, it will easy fall into negative thought patterns that causes most common diseases. ”
” According to international measurements, we are among the world’s happiest nation, but statistics also show that more than 10% of us are on Prozac, 5% are drunks,  2% drug addicts and 3% inserts in itself. ”

“That is bad habits! And those who have the habit harm others with violence and abuse, ” smoking” in prison to 16.000 Euro. Per month or in a residence for 10.000 Euro a month. And over 80 percent of inmates ” smoking” in again shortly after they are closed out. Completely crazy, the young first offered a behavioral program when they landed in prison. ”

Extensive experience

Almost 20 years, Søren Lynge has chosen to work with youngster that has intensive problems. He studied international educator, reading psychology, head treatment site DreamCenter.dk in Ballerup, has written a series of books and has in recent years been the country’s most sought-after public speaker with over 200 annual shows for young people, for professionals in contact with young people and for businesses.
The goal for Søren is to disseminate the latest cognitive research and pass on simple tools to improve the lives of young people and for employees of private and public companies.

The Seven Principles of Life
Søren has with its experience gathered seven principles of life in his latest book and calls for mental fitness to master the principles. They are about:

• Limitations
• Thoughts
• Happiness
• Self-esteem
• Self-discipline
• Anger and emotions
• Confession

“If you choose it, you can learn to be happy with will. Someone must learn to say thanks, no need to learn to forgive – not for the sake of others but for their own, and someone should just learn to keep quiet. ”
“Many must learn to be indifferent to what others think. Half the world thinks you’re ugly and stupid, whatever you do, a quarter could not care less about you, and the rest do you think is ok. Only a small circle like you. Therefore, it is a good idea to go with a label on the shirt, which reads: “Spø’r me if it rø’r me! ‘” Says the cash from Søren, and again breaks out laughing.
Søren states that, in order to change their habits is that you are willing and have the will. As he says to his employees:
“What are the criteria for success? It is getting started! ”
As part of the lecture, participants are given a code for free to enter Søren Lynge’s website and view training videos on the seven principles of life. In addition, all the break had the opportunity to buy one or more of his books.

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“ The Seven Principles of Life” – Lecture by Søren Lynge

One of the best lecture holders in Scandinavia, bestseller-writer and lifestyle expert Søren Lynge, proudly presents his newest lecture, that will make you go safer, more free of problems and in general easier through life.

The lecture offers you:
•   Concrete tools for stress management

• To decrease negativity
• To increase positive thinking
• To increase conflict solving
• To improve productivity
• To improve motivation and loyalty
• To see problems before they arrive

The lecture will further more make you able to avoid:

• Self- destructive choices
• Time waste
• Unnecessary conflicts
• Bad habits
• Unintended absences


The lecture “ The Seven Principles of Life” is based on the newest cognitive research, that can help support a company to obtain a more positive and effective internal work environment. At the same time the lecture also can help employees and their families, which again is important for a company.
If an employee has a personal problem, the workplace also has a problem.

A nation’s character is defined by the citizens moral character and the principles they build their life on individually. The same applies for a company. What people bases and build their character on, affects the actions and decisions they make privately, professionally and publicly.

The lectures goal is to optimize every persons life quality.
It gives the employees concrete tools to take control over their lives and their own choices. The lecture is humorous and indulgent.
Good and effective problem solving, decreases inappropriate costs and increases productivity.

About Dream Center
In 2004, we got massive space problems. Our former administration housing had become too small and the demand for relevant advice grip on. Therefore we were looking for a large property with plenty of reason for the vision was clear. We wanted to create the best facilities and environment, to help people form a good life for themselves.

Many municipalities are more concerned sections than results. Here at the Dream Center, we have people at the center and we make an effort to change people’s lives. We care about results and positive life changes. Therefore, we want to create the best environment to get the best results. In cooperation with our auditors, we got put budgets. At that time, no one could understand that we wanted to create something precious and beautiful for people with sore heart. Most said that instead we could buy something old “shit”. But my heart was beating for something completely different.
I dreamed that we had to create a framework for people who went down, and towards good and the best for them. I dreamed that we might be able to get financing for nice rooms and various sporting activities. For me it was important that we made a building that signaled quality to the people who were allowed to worked with, they had value. After several grant applications was clear. No one would give support to the project, so we had to finance it all by ourselves. It was impossible to find anything, and whatever we found in Copenhagen, it was either old or it cost well over our budget.

During Christmas 2004, we found an old farmhouse that had been for sale in Ballerup for 1½ years. No one had the courage to buy it because it was in a really bad shape.
When I saw it, I imagined how great it could be. All laughed at me, and no one could take the old farmhouse seriously. There was no doubt that without a big strong network and dedicated people, the project would not be successful.

Shortly after I bought the farm. Everyone around me was screaming with laughter. But in my heart I knew it was going to be a good investment. Important key personnel, volunteers, and even more friends and various companies were ready to help. The first half of 2005, we spent the time getting approvals to tear the houses partially down. In the beginning, we made model building projects and project plans, and Ballerup municipality was involved in the dreams. Through a healthy community and go-do attitude began the great process. Every day we worked intensely, building the building.
The process was tough. The money was sometimes hard to earn, and many did not believe that the project could end well. Two good employees left us since the course was too hard. It meant that I had to work extra hard and intensively to build up a budget to finance all expenditure. When I lay in bed at night, I could sometimes have my doubts. But when I thought of how many people in Denmark who could benefit from our future corporate headquarters, it was the bet and worth the struggle.
It was hard to build my Dream Center, because I used many of my resources on building plan, and while we had to increase our revenue by 25% to cope with the costs. This resulted in a somewhat hard everyday with extra many lectures and consulting solutions for municipalities and private every day. Today, 12 years after, it is the right steps we have taken. Dream Center has been finally completed since 2010. Today, we have helped thousands of people and business to optimize their skills. We help people to “slide” more easily, more smoothly and happier through life. Dream Center is currently owned by C.K.U., Center for Cognitive Development, working here is Søren Lynge and his 10 employees and consultants.