About The Positive Wave

The positive wave, TPW is a group of people who choose to live a positive lifestyle everyday. The negative in us is ubiquitous, but the postive we create ourselves. We want to make it easier for you. It’s hard to be on your own, but together we are strong. We have the common goal of changing the world. The world dosen’t change us, we must change it – and for want we believe to be for the better.


We invite you to a movement, that is all about creating a worldwide positive movement that will resonate throughout the globe.

The Positive Wave is a gift for you – a gift of inspiration sources, specific tools, and weekly challenges that we together will devote ourselves to the faith, and to believe in the best of people, because we are all the same.

We will talk positively at all time, and love every person regardless of their position in the world, where they might come from and their background historie.
Helping a poor to get a meal, would’t make much difference when we do it alone, but when 10.000 people do the same today, awakens the echoes in eternity.