Take Action

Every Friday we encourage all humanity to make a concrete difference in the local community.sunset-hands-love-woman.jpg

Welcome to “The Positive Wave” Please post your actions and history at our Facebook.

Challenge of the week “a to do”

1. week

Give three strangers a positive compliment

2. week

Practice this life principles “Talk positive or, stay quite” this week. And feel the change in your thoughts after one week.

3. week

Practice “The more you give, the more you receive” this week. Give all the stuff away which you do not use. Clothing, shoes and other equipment. After a week take notice, have you become a little more blessed?

4. week

Tell someone that you love them (could be anyone, friend, partner, someone in your family)

5. week

Talk to a homeless for minimum 20 minutes, give them a meal and hear their story.
Place a gift out in front of three neighbors’ door. Write a good greeting and wish them a good day.

6. week

Compliment a strangers 3 times this weekend

7. week

Do something good, helpfull for someone you know in minimum tree hours, without expecting something back.